VBT-Guide for newcomers

Speed-based training is experiencing great growth, especially in German-speaking countries. In order to do justice to this growth and to support it, I have started to create a guide to this topic.

In this guide, I would like to give you an insight into the basics and backgrounds of Veclocity Based Training, regardless of the device you want to use, and also show you how to use it successfully in training!

This eBook is completely FREE! But only available in German so far!!

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Another important concern for me is the continuing education of other coaches through one- or two-day workshops together with other colleagues in the role of speakers, who complement me with their expertise.

In these workshops we focus on a specific topic area of strength and conditioning and try to impart our knowledge on this topic as practically orientated as possible. In addition, each workshop has a limited number of participants, so that each participant has the chance to get his questions answered in detail and to be coached by us in the pratical parts.

Request for a customized workshop or an InHouse training for your studio/team, please send me an email!


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