Kevin Speer


About Me

As a child I first practiced sports like handball, soccer and taekwondo, but finally got stuck with the latter and pursued this sport for thirteen years. At the age of fifteen I started my career as a coach and started to run the children and youth training in my club as an assistant coach. From the following year on I also helped out in the adult training groups.

From this point on, being a coach fascinated me much more than being an athlete and from then on I focused more on this task than on anything else. This remained with me until I started my studies of sports science in October 2014, continued with various fitness trainer jobs and then finally led to the beginning of my S&C career at the end of 2016, when I started coaching the Cologne Crocodiles American Football Club as the Head of S&C.

The following year I also founded my project under the name “DevelopAthletes”, under which I was fortunate to train and coach a variety of athletes from different sports. In order to further develop myself, I went to the USA in July 2018 for almost half a year and was granted a scholarship to study at the University of Florida and to conduct an internship with the Florida Gators, a college football team.

Now, in 2020, my goal at RheinGym in Cologne is to create the #1 Performance Facility for aspiring athletes in Germany and to further professionalize my coaching services.


Cologne Crocodiles

  • 2016 – 2018 Seniors Head of Strength and Conditioning
    2017 – Today U19 Head of Strength and Conditioning

  • Planning and realization of the entire off-season training process.

  • Creation of training and nutrition plans adapted to the needs and goals of the athletes.

  • Support for injured players during the season.

Florida Gators Football

  • 2018 Internship in the Strength and Conditioning Team under Director Nick Savage and HeadCoach Dan Mullen.

  • Coaching of the players during resistance training sessions during the season.

  • Support of the players on the pitch before and during team training.

  • Administrative and organisational tasks such as tracking the performance progress of players.

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