Fabian Weitz –
University at Buffalo

With a big dream, but without a single college offer, we started our almost one year long collaboration. After several successful seasons in the youth at the Cologne Crocodiles, but also as captain of the U19 Germany team, Fabian also caused some furore in the seniors league with a few appearances.

From that point on, we worked on his athletic skills several times a week on and off the pitch to prepare him properly for the challenge of college football.

With his outstanding athleticism and his high level of playing intelligence, he managed to do what was considered almost impossible: a football scholarship at the University at Buffalo, where he has been a permanent member of the squad since August ’18 and won the MAC East and the first bowl in the history of the university in his second year.

He is now entering his third season with the Bulls and hopes to work his way up to starter.

Alexander Ehrensberger –
Notre Dame

The two-meter defensive end Alexander Ehrensberger, who originally came from Düsseldorf, Germany, started out football with the Düsseldorf Typhoons. With his size and athleticism, he was quickly retrained from safety to defensive end and from there on caused quite a sensation with his outstanding playing style.

After his first Division I offers Alex decided to start working with me in August ’18 to prepare himself physically for the challenge of college football. The main goal was to achieve an increase in mass and strength in order to become more attractive for other and bigger colleges. After only three months he had gained almost 7kg and came more and more into the focus of bigger universities, like Notre Dame. Shortly after that, ND took her interest seriously and offered Alex a scholarship for the year 2020 at her university, which he signed without hesitation.

Alex, his story and some words about our collaboration

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Mark Petry –
Syracuse University

When Mark and I started working together in September ’18, we didn’t know what an incredible path he was going to take for his dream. The 1,96m TightEnd changed to Offensive Tackle during our coaching in summer ’19 and became a straight starter after his arrival at his Junior College in Ellsworth.

Less than three games later Mark received the first Division 1 Scholarships, which led him to Syracuse University in January ’20. He decided to go to the USA without a single offer, financed the stay himself and was rewarded with a full scholarship.

Max Baczak –
TSV Hertha Walheim

Max “Concrete” Baczak came to me after his ACL surgery to work on his comeback. The experienced Bundesliga fighter managed successfully moving into a new weight class after a few months of abstinence from the mat.

“The intensive and varied training with Kevin has given me new stimuli that will help me to advance in Judo. The support is both professional and individual, which gives me a lot of pleasure during my daily training. I appreciate Kevin as a coach very much and look forward to a successful cooperation!”

Moritz Walz –
TSV Nusplingen

Moritz Walz came to me with the goal of developing himself as a player in the long term and to be physically ready for the challenges of soccer. Four times a week during the season he additionally trained on his strength and speed abilities. The results spoke for themselves:

“Training with Kevin kept me free of complaints and injuries throughout the season and still managed to make steady progress. My performance on the field has also improved significantly thanks to his coaching.

All in all, I am very happy to work with Kevin and I can absolutely recommend working with him to any ambitious athlete!”

Lars Hinz – National team of Luxembourg

Lars came to me with the goal of becoming a better rugby player. After only a few months of working together, he not only improved his performance, he also managed to advance to the 2nd division with his rugby team and was nominated for the national team of Luxembourg.

About our coaching Lars wrote to me: “… I also appreciate how flexible you are, you always try to be responsive to me and help me with all my questions, and yet we always have a relaxed, friendly relationship!

Even if I have through job, long-distance relationship etc. from time to time phases in which the sport has less priority than I would wish, you always motivate me anew and manage to kick my ass positively.”

Malte Schwenzfeier

Suffering for a long time only from severe knee pain from training and being able to drive home with the ice bag on his knee, Malte turned to me in June ’18 to work on his problems.

Already the first session showed effects and with the right training adjustment his pain was reduced to a minimum. After six weeks we met again and the end result was: no more pain and a strong improvement in his performance by improving his strength-speed profile.

Unfortunately, he ended his football career in 2018, but he did not miss the opportunity to start his next career by starting bobsleigh in 2019.

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